Scott Bakula 新ドラマ Men of a Certain Age のパイロットに出演 

TrekToday – Bakula To Co-Star In New Drama Pilot

Men of a Certain Age is a new drama which takes a wry look at what it means to be a man approaching middle-age. It also explores the unique bonds of male friendship. Romano’s character Joe, the focus of the show, will play a forty-something father of two who dreams of being a professional golfer, but owns and runs a party store. Bakula and Braugher play his best friends. Bakula will be portraying Terry; a handsome, intelligent actor who is struggling to make it. Braugher will take on the role of Owen, an overstressed husband and father who is a car salesman at his father’s dealership.

主演はEverybody Loves RaymondのRay Romano(Joe)で、ホミサイドのAndre Braugher(Owen)とわれらがキャプテン(Terry)はその大学時代からの友人という設定。
なお、パイロットにはRichard Gant(Deadwood)がOwenのパパとして出演するそうです。
最近は映画出演のほかに、Tracey Ullman’s State of the Unionという、やはりシットコムらしき番組(評判はいまいちで、キャンセルされそうな雰囲気)にゲスト出演していたんですが、やっぱりScottはコメディが好きなんでしょう。

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