Men of a Certain Age が好調な滑り出し 

Ray Romano主演の新作ドラマのご紹介です。


ちなみにScott Bakulaは「他人からは人生の勝ち組に見えて、その実は俳優としての中途半端なポジションに不満を抱いている」といった役回りのようです。


Then there’s Terry, Scott Bakula. He should have the world on a string, but his boyish good looks are starting to fade and he’s tap-dancing more than he’s had to in the past. He knows he’s squandered his chances.

Men of a Certain Age -- An early look - TV Squad ]



- Scott Bakula through the looking glass. Bakula’s Terry is an actor who’s never quite broken through but hasn’t let go of the dream yet. For Bakula, who’s worked steadily for than 20 years, the character has been a bit of a bizarro-world experience.
“I think what makes him kind of sad in a way at this point in his life is he hasn’t quite given up yet,” he says. “So he’s still hanging on, and I think that’s the hardest thing — when we see people that we care about and they’re hanging on too long, whether to a relationship or whether it’s to a dream or whatever it is.”

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If you thought the first episode was just okay, I urge you to watch next week’s second edition.

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What wonderful characters they are, too. In just one episode, we got deep into their hearts and souls to find out what makes them tick. Only Terry (Bakula) remains a bit of an enigma, but his character has that free-spirit thing going for him. Unlike the other two, Terry isn’t settled down with a wife and kids; he instead chooses to live his life one experience at a time. He seems genuinely happy both at work, when he bothers to show up, but he’s carrying the anxieties of having been a former celebrity, of sorts, unable to find work acting now.

Review: Men of a Certain Age - Pilot (series premiere) - TV Squad ]


My early vote for most surprising midseason show goes to Men of a Certain Age. Let’s hope it keeps this real-life focus through the rest of the season.

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